Togo is an excellent destination for those wishing to carry out volunteer work on a limited budget as the cost of living is extremely cheap in comparison to other African nations.

The only fee that PDH requests from you is a once-off "compulsory donation" of € 150. Such a fee ensures the survival of our centre and the availability of volunteer work for you. As you will soon discover, our administration costs are extremely minimal and we guarantee that this money will end up in the hands of those that need it most. Your second expense will be a weekly fee of € 38 which will provide you with accommodation and three meals per day. This, along with the "compulsory donation" is due upon arrival. Your other expenses will include € 15 per month for your VISA, around € 7 per week for work related transport and around € 2 per week for safe, packaged mineral water (insist on "Voltic" available in cheap plastic sachets).

An example of a 12 week stay is as follows:
€ 150 "compulsory donation" € 150
€ 38 weekly x 12 for food and accommodation € 360
€ 15 monthly x 3 for VISA € 45
€ 7 weekly x 12 for transport € 84
€ 2 weekly x 12 for water € 24
Total: € 759

On top of this you will obviously have to add airfares, travel insurance, vaccinations and personal spending money. For those on a tight budget, you can plan on € 30 a week for emailing, moderate beer intake and daily snacks. For those not so limited, € 30 - 50 a week will allow you to really relax and enjoy the nightlife, the odd restaurant or cinema, internet cafés and street food to your heart's content. Rest assured that the affordable nature of this country will allow you to enjoy your stay whatever your budget may be.